Saturday, August 30, 2014
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Fertilizer dosing

Independent from incorporated dosing system (venturies, dosing pumps) our controllers offer different ways of control of fertilizer dosing.

• By EC and pH control (the most traditional way).

• By increasing the EC in relation to EC of raw water (it is very useful when water from different sources is used for irrigation).

• In proportional way to the irrigation flow, expressed in liters of fertilizer per 1m3 of raw water (the most intuitive mode).

• By combining the EC mode with some tanks and proportional way with others. Like this fertilizers and special treatments that don’t affect the EC can be used with total precision.

Additionally our system is able to auto-adjust the flow of every single fertilizer depends on the flow registered by fertilizer counters.

In few words we can say: maximum versatility with maximum precision.

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